Appfigures release notes
Appfigures release notes

Which Keywords are Your Competitors Targeting?

We've got a small new feature to help you see, at a glance, which keywords apps are targeting in their name and subtitle.


The new Keyword Highlighter is available in Keyword Inspector (Ariel's favorite ASO tool) and automatically analyzes all the visible metadata of apps appearing in the results to show you what they're targeting and give you ideas quickly.

Selecting a word will highlight it across all the apps that use it, so you can quickly see where it's used.

Unlike the Competitor Keywords report, which uses performance to determine keywords, a very good way to tell what works, the Keyword Highlighter shows the keywords the app maker's chose, giving you super fast insight.

Visit Keyword Inspector →

Filter ASO Keyword Performance Alerts by Device

You can now choose the device (or devices) to get ASO alerts about. Which means you can now filter out iPad rank changes from your daily email alerts, a very popular request.


To update your existing alerts or set up new ones, go to Manage → Alerts.

🎁 50% OFF for Black Friday

Appfigures Black Friday Promotion

We're kicking off our biggest promotion of the year — 50% OFF all of our tools for App Store Optimization and Competitor Intelligence, for a whole year, up to $500 per month (or $6,000 per year).

👍 A yearly subscription isn't even required.

The promotion applies to the Monitor, Optimize, Grow, and Explore plans.

And that's not all! We're also raffling really awesome prizes, including:

  • 1x AirPods Max
  • 3x App Marketing/ASO Consultation
  • 5x $100 Appfigures Gift Card

All discounted upgrades will automatically enter the raffle. Winners will be chosen on Tuesday, 11/29.

Ready to grow your downloads? Use code BF2250 →


  • Applies to the Monitor, Optimize, Grow, and Explore plans.
  • The maximum discount is $500 per month ($6,000 per year).
  • Annual payment isn't necessary to use this promotion.
  • Available to new members or existing members upgrading to a higher tier.
  • Expires Monday, Nov. 28th at 11:59 PM EST.

A New ASO Tool to Optimize Your Keyword List

Are you losing visibility (and downloads) because your keyword list isn't optimized?

New: Keyword List Optimizer for App Store Connect

We reversed engineer Apple's algorithm to understand how to optimize the keyword list, and built an optimizer that takes your existing keyword list and applies all the right rules. Automatically.

Don't let good downloads slip - optimizing your keyword list is really just a click away.

Check it out →

57 New SDKs Added to App Intelligence

We've been hard to work growing the coverage of our SDK Intelligence. Over the last few months, we've added support for 57 SDKs across almost every category we support, from analytics to payments.

With this addition, we're now giving insight into 549 mobile SDKs, by app and also by SDK, across the App Store and Google Play. And with our human-assisted process there are no false positives.

See all the apps using a certain SDK in Explorer, which SDKs a specific app uses using App intelligence, or which SDKs are most popular in our Top SDKs charts.


  • Snap Ad Kit
  • AdAdapted
  • A4G


  • FollowAnalytics
  • ATInternet
  • Specto
  • Snap App Ads Kit
  • Parsely
  • MyTracker
  • Telemetry Deck
  • Snowplow
  • WebEngage

Apple APIs

  • GameKit


  • MyTracker


  • Magic.Link


  • Usabilla
  • WebEngage


  • FollowAnalytics
  • Snap Bitmoji Kit
  • Snap Story Kit
  • Firebase Remote Config
  • Epoxy
  • Wix App Builder


  • Emarsys
  • Kumulos
  • GetSocial
  • Snowplow
  • WebEngage


  • Insider
  • Adobe Experience Platform
  • FullStory


  • Metricell
  • Arity
  • CellRebel
  • Teragence
  • Umlaut
  • Monedata


  • FollowAnalytics
  • WonderPush
  • Amazon SNS


  • Bouncer
  • Sift
  • Superwall
  • Juspay
  • Klarna


  • Lightstep
  • Firebase A/B Testing
  • Firebase Performance
  • Firebase Crashlytics
  • Datadog
  • Embrace


  • Castle
  • Valet


  • CocoaMarkdown
  • ZipArchive
  • HTMLReader
  • FlickType
  • Snap Creative Kit
  • Snap Login Kit
  • Firebase Installations
  • Shimmer
  • Appirater


  • OpenTok

We're constantly working to support more SDKs. If there are any SDKs you want to see let us know.

New Integration: Databox

Databox Announcement - Blog- email@2x.png

You can now incorporate your app downloads, revenue, ratings, and more right from Appfigures into a Databox dashboard to track it alongside your non-mobile data.

Databox is one of many dashboards that connect to Appfigures, with more to come!

Support for App Preview videos

App panels now show App Preview videos for all iOS apps and games, playable, and with sound!


Open up the app panel from any of the following to view App preview videos:

  • Top Apps
  • All ASO reports
  • The Competitors report
  • Explorer

Also, you can easily find apps and games that have an App Preview video with Explorer, and then watch them right in Explorer. It's great for research!

Better support for Screenshots in App Panels


We've expanded support for screenshots in app panels for iOS and Mac apps to support all available screenshots from all available devices and all available resolutions.

This is available for all apps across the entire platform, from Analytics to Explorer and Top Apps.

View Downloads and Revenue by Device

You can now break down all download and revenue metrics by device to gain a better understanding of your users and your revenue.

New Tab


The Sales and Revenue reports have a new By Device tab which break down any selected metric for any selected apps by the device category they came from.

Note: Right now only Apple devices (and apps) are supported. We plan to expand that in the future to include Android apps as well.

Supported device categories include: iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV.

New Filter


In addition to the new tab, existing tabs now offer a filter so you can see your data by date, country, or even product, filtered by device.

Support for Stripe in the Payments Report

You can now break out your Stripe revenue in the Payments Report, and track it along side revenue from other platforms easily.

In addition, when "All Products" is selected, Stripe payments will be broken out at the individual app level as well.