Appfigures release notes
Appfigures release notes

View Downloads and Revenue by Device

You can now break down all download and revenue metrics by device to gain a better understanding of your users and your revenue.

New Tab


The Sales and Revenue reports have a new By Device tab which break down any selected metric for any selected apps by the device category they came from.

Note: Right now only Apple devices (and apps) are supported. We plan to expand that in the future to include Android apps as well.

Supported device categories include: iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV.

New Filter


In addition to the new tab, existing tabs now offer a filter so you can see your data by date, country, or even product, filtered by device.

Support for Stripe in the Payments Report

You can now break out your Stripe revenue in the Payments Report, and track it along side revenue from other platforms easily.

In addition, when "All Products" is selected, Stripe payments will be broken out at the individual app level as well.


Improved Ratings Calculation for ASO in Keyword Inspector

Ratings play an important role in App Store Optimization, and on the App Store, the algorithm looks at new ratings to decide an app's rank.


We recently uncovered that the algorithm ignores negative ratings, such as when the App Store cleans ratings or when the developer resets the app's rating, so we're now ignoring those ratings in Keyword Inspector.

This means ratings in Keyword Inspector may not align with the Ratings report or the Competitors report, but will give better insight into ranks within a keyword.

Learn more about App Store Optimization, hands-on, with Keyword Teardowns.

New Integration: Stripe


Are you using Stripe to accept payments for your desktop apps? Or maybe for your mobile apps where it's (now) possible? If you do, you can now track all of your revenue in one place with our new Stripe integration!

Connect Stripe →

The integration with Stripe is currently in open beta and is available to all members across all plans.

Better Insights with More Overlays

One of the major benefits of having all of your data in one place is that you can combine it to easily identify trends and correlations.

Things like how ad spend relates to downloads or how downloads relate to ratings, are super simple to visualize with overlays.

Overlays have been a core feature of all Analytics reports, and we just made them even better!

  • Category ranks can be overlaid in all reports.
  • The Ad Spend report now has access to all other data sets, including downloads, revenue, and more.
  • Overlays work across all granularities, not just in daily mode.

Try out the overlays in every Analytics report right now, and it's available across all plans.

Changes to Google's fee for subscriptions

In a few days, Google will change its fee structure for apps and games that use subscriptions.

Starting January 1st, Google will be lowering the fee for subscriptions 15% for all transactions. Previously, only subscriptions active for a year or more were eligible for this lower tier while first-year subscriptions had a 30% fee.

This will be reflected in your Revenue and Subscriptions reports automatically starting January 1st.

Important - Google does not report net revenue until the end of the month, which means we won't know if Google actually made this change on time or if there were any delays. We don't expect any, but as we learn more about this change, if we do see the need, we will update reports to ensure accuracy.

Our Response to Log4Shell

The Apache Foundation recently announced that Log4j, a popular Java logging library, is vulnerable to remote code execution. You may also know it as CVE-2021-44228.

Our team worked to evaluate all of our products and internal services for any potential impact, and we can confirm that Appfigures is not impacted by this vulnerability.

In addition, we are actively monitoring for attempts to exploit this vulnerability and have not detected any successful attacks against our infrastructure.

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The Promotion

Upgrade between Monday 11/22 - 11/29 and get a 50% discount, up to $150/mo. ($1,800/yr.), for an entire year.

Every upgrade will also be entered into a raffle to win exclusive prizes.

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The Raffle

This year, in addition to the hefty discount, all upgrades will also be entered into a raffle to win one of the following prizes:

  • (1) $1,000 Appfigures gift card
  • (3) 30-Minute consultation with our ASO expert, Ariel
  • (5) $100 Appfigures gift card
  • (10) Appfigures Retro-Robot Shirt

The Rules

  1. Everyone can take advantage of this promotion, including new and existing members, as long as you're upgrading to a plan that's higher than your current plan (or the last plan you had if you had a paid plan in the last 30 days).
  2. The promotion applies to the Monitor, Optimize, Grow, and Explore plans.
  3. The promotion starts November 22nd at midnight EST and ends November 29th at 11:59pm EST.
  4. All upgrades during the period will be entered into the raffle, including those for plans that aren't eligible for the discount.
  5. Winners will be chosen at random on Thursday, December 2nd, and will be contacted directly by email.

💰 Revenue Estimate From 20 More Countries

We're been working hard to expand the coverage of our revenue estimates, and have two excited updates:

  1. 🎉 You can now see revenue estimates for all ranked apps in the following 12 countries: 🇦🇷 Argentina, 🇦🇺 Australia, 🇨🇦 Canada, 🇨🇴 Colombia, 🇪🇬 Egypt, 🇰🇷 Korea, 🇵🇭 Philippines, 🇿🇦 South Africa, 🇪🇸 Spain, 🇨🇭 Switzerland, 🇹🇭 Thailand, 🇻🇳 Vietnam.

  2. 📈 The depth of coverage in the following 7 countries used to include only popular apps and games and has now been expanded to include all ranked apps: 🇨🇱 Chile, 🇮🇹 Italy, 🇳🇱 Netherlands, 🇵🇱 Poland, 🇸🇪 Sweden, 🇹🇷 Turkey, 🇦🇪 United Arab Emirates.

With this update you'll have even better insight into global competitive performance so you can make more informed decisions.

The new data is available in the Competitors report, Explorer, and Keyword Inspector

And we're not done yet! We're continuing to expand coverage and will have more news on that front in the coming months.

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23 New Countries Now Available in ASO Intelligence

We're continuing to expand the reach of our Keyword Intelligence, and have rolled out support for the following countries:

🇩🇿 Algeria, 🇦🇷 Argentina, 🇧🇿 Belize, 🇨🇱 Chile, 🇨🇴 Colombia, 🇸🇻 El Salvador, 🇫🇮 Finland, 🇬🇭 Ghana, 🇬🇹 Guatemala, 🇮🇶 Iraq, 🇯🇴 Jordan, 🇰🇪 Kenya, 🇱🇧 Lebanon, 🇱🇾 Libya, 🇲🇴 Macau, 🇳🇿 New Zealand, 🇳🇬 Nigeria, 🇵🇪 Peru, 🇵🇱 Poland, 🇵🇹 Portugal, 🇹🇿 Tanzania, 🇻🇳 Vietnam, `🇾🇪 Yemen

You can now see keywords your apps are ranked in, get suggestions and related keywords, and explore competitors' keywords in all of those countries.

We now cover 60 countries for ASO Intelligence and 175 for Keyword Rank Tracking (with Hourly updates)!

Check out keywords for your apps and game in the Discover report →